Scripta Manent

Hi, I'm Alessandro
a Financial Research Passionate

Nice to meet you,

I’m Alessandro, a Financial Analyst and specialized on Financial Markets and Financial Research from the young age of 18 (now I’m 30).

In 2022 I decided to launch Scripta Manent (my personal blog), since by now there were really many who asked me to do it, as I have already been content creators on other platforms for several years.

On Scripta Manent you will find a lot of research on financial markets in general, but I write on all branches of investing research.

I hope my research will make you as passionate about the financial markets as they did with me.


Scripta Manent was born with the desire to create an environment that allows people to become passionate about the financial markets, to understand them and finally to not be able to do without them anymore.

This is what happened to me in 2013 (when I was 19). Now I’m 30.

So I hope that my researches and my insights succeed in this mission.

My motto



Two words about me...

I’m Italian and have a degree in Banking and Finance.

I speak Italian and English perfectly, and I’m studying German (I’d like to be able to speak and understand it one day).

I’ve made specialized courses in finance and financial markets first in Melbourne (Australia) and then in Vancouver (Canada) and in the meantime I did an internship in New York at the United Nations.

I’m an extremely charismatic, resourceful person who loves what he does.

Why do you need of Scripta Manent?

I’m an avid reader, so I don’t always pay attention to how many papers I read.

But doing two calculations I realized that in a year I read about 300 papers to write my research and insights on the financial markets.

We are talking about something like +400 hours, just to read and deepen them. Not to mention the time to find the most reliable and well-done studies.

My researches will allow you to save not only +400 hours of reading (which not everyone has available) and be always updated on the markets, but to have the best of these papers at hand in a few minutes, without turning around the various topics.


In our upcoming 60-minute call, we’ll not only get to know each other but also discuss topics such as investments, options, spread trading, and financial markets in general.